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Search marketing and lead generation is in our bag and we deliver. From technical SEO to Google review responses, we make your site the authority in your market and position you for growth. All our services are at your disposal when your on a White Fox marketing plan.

What You Get

At White Fox, we know that you have your hands full just keeping your business running. You don’t have time to research what’s hot and what’s not in the world of marketing. Nor do you have the in-house marketing expertise necessary to deploy effective digital marketing campaigns. Thankfully, we do. Our focus is simple. For as little as $400 a month for local businesses, and $1600 for small businesses, we can optimize your presence online, by deploying state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies that yield results. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer everything from technical SEO, to full PPC and conversion design testing. Best of all, as well as being committed to helping you get results, we keep you in the loop as we develop and deploy new strategies.

SEO / SEM & Digital Marketing

We have ranked (SEO) our customers for some of the most competitive terms in the state, and nation. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is pivotal to the success of any digital marketing strategy. When people search for services you provide or type your band name into Google, they need to be presented with your business website. If your website isn’t optimized for search engines, traffic and leads, your competitors are profiting from that traffic and sales. At White Fox, our job is to make sure this doesn’t happen. To do this, we optimize business websites to appear prominently in searches. We can also start increasing website traffic and leads instantly using paid ad campaigns.

Website Design

At White Fox, we develop attention-grabbing websites that act as 24/7 lead magnets. As well as search engine optimizing websites, we build websites that encourage website visitors to take action. To do this, we include eye-catching graphic design and high levels of user interactivity proven to help drive conversions. Once the website design is completed, we continually update the design each year as part of your service so the website design stays ahead of the curve. We take your brand and breathe life into it thru design so customers can be convinced your business is the right fit. We develop and design every part of the conversion and sales funnel so when increase traffic comes, the site is set up to make a big impact.

Scheduled Backups

White Fox web developers design websites that are built for security, stability, and performance. However, every website will come under attack by hackers, malware, and viruses at some point. To prevent business downtime if your website security is ever compromised, we regularly backup websites and databases. Should the worst ever happen, we can, therefore, restore websites to full operability in a matter of minutes.

Traffic Reporting

Search engines like Google provide web developers and website owners with several tools they can use to track real-time user behavior. Chief among these is Google Analytics. At White Fox, we use Google Analytics to monitor where traffic to websites originates. This allows us to monitor the success of free and paid marketing campaigns in real-time. Using Google Analytics, we can also track customer journeys through web pages. This allows us to identify new content marketing ideas and potential optimizations for website landing pages.

Website Changes & Support

Want a new picture or blog added? Send a quick email or call from your phone and we’ll update your website within one business day. Any content or design changes can be made thru sending an email, which creates a support ticket for us to address. Would you like to make changes yourself? We’ll provide login instructions and training so our time is best spent on getting you new customers. You will have full control over the website, and will own it with no strings attached if you want to quit.

Conference Calls and Reporting

At White Fox, we strive to keep each one of our clients directly involved in all marketing campaign decision making. As far as we’re concerned, it’s just as beneficial for us if you know what we are doing and why, as it is for you. To keep clients up to speed with what we’re doing, we invite business owners and stakeholders to participate in regular conference calls. During these, we update you on the progress of campaigns. We also explain our processes and campaign results in plain English for the sake of full transparency.

Rank Reporting

Search engines like Google regularly alter website ranking algorithms. Because of this, search engine optimization is an ongoing process. To help you achieve and maintain prominent placement, we continuously monitor your website search position, bounce rate, and the average amount of time users spend on your web pages. If updates or search trends ever impact your visibility online, we’ll know. We also provide all our clients with regular reports that reveal the success (or not) of ongoing marketing campaigns. If you would like to see an example of one of these, feel free to contact us directly.

Conversion Design

Having an expertly optimized website is key to acquiring website visitors and all-important sales leads. However, websites also need to be optimized in a way that directly encourages conversions. At White Fox, we improve website conversion rates by carefully monitoring traffic sources and bounce rates. This allows us to identify leaks in sales funnels. We can then address these by creating new landing pages with new psychological prompts and interactive design elements. In every case, when we create alternative landing pages, we don’t immediately replace landing pages that are already converting. Instead, we split test pages and measure the performance of pages side by side. Only when a new page succeeds in capturing more conversions, will we replace the original.

What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is tuning your website to maximize visibility in Google Search and Maps. Below you’ll find the six pillars of success:

  • Content
    • Making sure your content is more informative than competitors + written to generate leads & sales.
  • Links
    • Making sure you have more references to your website from higher quality sources.
  • Directories
    • Makings sure you have accurate consistent directory listings
  • Performance
    • Making sure your webpages load quickly + efficiently on all devices and connection speeds
  • Security
    • Making sure your connections are encrypted and protected from malware + spam
  • Authority
    • Making sure your visibility on Google Search sets you apart from competitors and maximizes click through rate.

More Technical SEO Factors

Our plans start with a meeting or phone conference detailing our process and learning about your business. From day one you’ll see why White Fox is the leader in search marketing and customer service. Your competitors likely have a search marketing firm trying to out-rank your website, so don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more.

More Technical SEO Factors

Page Speed / Mobile Signals

Ranking Factors

We take pride in making sure the websites we build load quickly and feel native and intuitive to navigate on all devices and connection types. Some of the bigger ranking factors in local search results that we consider are: Does the website load quickly? Are the resources configured to load efficiently? We take care to solve these problems immediately upon deployment and reevaluate for issues with every change made. Additional, equally major factors we take into account right from the start are: Does the website respond to different screen sizes? Does it look well laid out on all devices? Tiny, old phones, big smartphones, small tablets, large desktop computers? We fine tune every design to make the most out of the layout at every screen size all while keeping the digital footprint as small as possible. An increasingly bigger factor is user engagement. Is the website easy to use & navigate? Is the intent of the page readily apparent above the fold? Is all the most relevant information easy to find, read, touch and interact with? Does the design convey exactly what you want the user to do right away? We ask ourselves these ever so increasingly critical questions about everything we create to grow your business through search, local and digital marketing.

  • Page speed & load time
  • Mobile device user friendly
  • User engagement
  • Responsive layout
  • Critical information placement
  • Intuitive function
  • Page intent

Google My Business Signals

Ranking Factors

Maximizing your Google My Business profiles is the first step to ensuring your local SEO service is in good standing. We make sure your listing is accurate and complete with current contact information, hours, links, photos, frequent business posts, optimized landing page, Google+ profile and brand design assets. We also make sure you’re listed in the correct, specific categories for your business – by having too many or different categories can keep you from the top position for your most relevant keyword searches. Your Google+ page, along with your website, is a way for the consumer to gain a rapport with your company before they make a decision to buy. We’ll make sure your service area is listed correctly on your Google page among other categories. We also take care that your map pin correctly reflects your location if you serve customers at that location. Along with your website, your Google directory listing (GMB or Google MyBusiness) profile is the most important aspect of local SEO.

  • Proximity and area of service to point of searcher
  • Inputting correct categories in GMB
  • Keyphrase in business title
  • Physical address in city of search
  • Local area code / Age of page
  • Owner verified pages
  • Consistency with key directories

Citations / Location Signals

Ranking Factors

A citation is a reference to your business contact information and it’s locations anywhere on the web. Citations are achieved mainly by creating directory listings. We have curated a large list of highly relevant directories for listing your business. This is a crucial aspect of local SEO service and one of the first priorities of your campaign. There are un-relevant, spammy directories that would not be helpful to be in, so we’re careful about what directories get into our list. Consistency, completeness, and accuracy are the most important aspects of citation building. The business name used has to be exactly the same on every citation, and match the name of your business. For example, a business who changes their name from – “Pizza Store & More” to “Pizza Store” – would have to change over a hundred citations to drop the ‘& More’, and update the content or they wouldn’t earn the benefit of that reference. Citations are a very important aspect of local SEO service.

  • IYP/aggregator NAP consistency
  • Citation volume
  • Citation quality
  • Accuracy and Consistency
  • Quantity from industry relevant directories
  • Citation authority

Incoming Link Signals

Ranking Factors

Link building might seem like a common buzzword in the SEO and digital marketing industries, however, at White Fox, it’s not an empty promise! It’s still the number one Google search results ranking factor. Our link building strategies are a game changer when compared to our competitors in the local SEO service sector. Utilizing a curated collection of tools that are engineered to best your competitors and go far and away beyond their ability to match or catch up, we create a diverse and well thought out link profile for your business. We utilize quality anchor text and thoughtful placement from high authority, extremely relevant and incredibly influential places around the web that produce meaningful top position results.

  • Inbound anchor text
  • Linking domain authority
  • Quantity of Incoming Links
  • Linking page authority
  • Diversity of incoming links
  • Age of linking domain
  • Contextual relevancy

Reviews / Social / User Signals

Ranking Factors

Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook likes, Twitter followers (among other review / social sites) are an important aspect of local SEO services. Quality and diversity of reviews are a major local SEO ranking signal. 85% of consumers that search online for local services read company reviews before making a purchase decision online. Taking care of your reputation and building on that reputation online is an integral part of being successful in digital marketing especially at the local level. Google also personalizes results based on your search and life behaviors. Google follows you as long as your smartphone is in your purse or pocket, and learns what you like – and personalizes results based on your habits. Reviews are difficult to come by, but if you can provide an email list of happy customers, we will contact them with instructions on how to review your business, further nurturing your online reputation all while improving your position in local search results.

  • Quantity / diversity of reviews
  • Quantity of native Google reviews
  • Yelp Rating
  • Facebook page link likes
  • Twitter link shares
  • Personalized results based on behavior

On-Page SEO Signals

Ranking Factors

Frequently auditing the pages on your website to make sure that it’s properly optimized to perform well in Google search results is a task we take very seriously. We optimize page titles, meta descriptions, content headings, image alt & title properties, structured data, RDF & markup, OpenGraph properties, Twitter & Google card properties, internal links, page load time, compression & caching of static resources, robots.txt optimization, sitemap.xml submissions and more. We also provide regular requests to Google bot to fetch render and crawl all of the pages on your website.

  • Presence of contact information
  • Keywords & locations in page titles
  • Domain authority
  • Service areas in page titles and content headings
  • Page intent is prominent above the fold
  • User engagement is high and prevelant
  • Optimized media assets

Digital Marketing Services

Long gone are the days of Yellow page, radio and newspaper ads. The new marketing channels are SEO, PPC, content, social, web design and other relevant services. Successful campaigns that result in real sales and brand exposure require meticulous planning, technical skill, and attention to detail. White Fox is a one stop shop for all things digital marketing with an affordable monthly retainer to grow your business.

We Create Leads

Digital marketing services are an integral part of generating leads for your business, driving traffic from a multitude of sources with inbound marketing, email campaigns, social media marketing, and complete brand saturation across an unrivaled number of directories, social media and blogging platforms. In an industry that’s saturated with a lot of fluff, White Fox stands apart in that we only take meaningful actions that drive rank, traffic and sales.

Content Creation

Success Factors

Content is the oldest form of marketing through user engagement since the very first story was told from one person to a group of people the content of that story was pitching an idea, concept, agenda of some form or another. It’s been revolutionized from person to person storytelling a few times with the advent of writing, then newspapers and magazines, radio shows, televisions and the internet itself. Now with social media and the plethora of content consumption devices on our desks, walls and in our pockets, getting the story out that drives business is now new once again and an integral part of keeping your business on the minds of as many people as possible. Creating high-quality content, publishing it to your audience and subsequently building that audience through sharing content is an important tactic that most web companies haven’t caught onto yet. We’ve been doing it for years and it’s the reason our customer retention is so high and our clients are so happy and successful. We get it right when it comes to content that drives sales and grows businesses.

  • Content quality
  • Readability
  • Relevancy to the target audience
  • Content shareability
  • Reader engagement

Inbound Marketing

Success Factors

Bringing the customers to you is a skill in our trade that we’ve worked very hard to perfect. Getting your business information in front of as many eyes as possible, across multiple channels is no easy task and most web companies don’t even know where to start. We’ve created an actionable strategic process to tackle in a way that makes it easy for us to execute and return successful results. In this fast-paced digital age, the game has changed from, build it and they will come to something else entirely. Putting up a website alone doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to be listed everywhere with correct and consistent information with a cohesive brand identity and thoughtful brand messaging, generating frequent and meaningful content, resources and tools that pull in new customers and create big gains for your business on the web.

  • Market saturation
  • Consistent information
  • Quality messaging
  • Channel diversity

Online Ads

Success Factors

We’re experts at building advertising campaigns that generate a real return on investment. The key to our success is tailoring the advertising goal to the audience using that channel and what that audience expects on that platform. Each member of our team is conditioned to excel tremendously at getting results from each advertising platform, we have in-depth tactical sessions to analyze goals, create actionable strategies and execute every part of the process when creating an advertising campaign for your business at the highest level of accuracy and performance to maximize the performance potential and return. These skills create dollars as is evident in our case studies and numerous success stories.

  • Campaign has monetary goal
  • Goal is relevant to the platform
  • Message is relevant to the target
  • Market has a need for the goal
  • Audience is relevant to the campaign


Success Factors

The basis of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is preparing the pages of your website and the website as a whole to perform well in Google search results, ranking it at the top and getting users to click through to your website to get what they want for the search being performed. There are a lot of factors that affect your website’s position in Google search results including how closely your website follows Google’s SEO guidelines, how well it performs in Google’s PageSpeed insights tests and mobile usability tests. Other indicators include your on-page optimization, meta information, media asset optimization, assistive device compatibility, machine learning compatibility, keyword density, incoming links, outgoing links, readability and user engagement levels.

  • User engagement
  • PageSpeed insights
  • Mobile usability
  • On-page optimization level
  • Click-through & bounce rates

Social Media

Success Factors

Social Media when done right can put you over the top in search engine results. If managed and scaled properly it can turn your customers into evangelists and attract influencers to share with their growing audiences. Having a cohesive brand identity and messaging across all social media platforms builds trust in your brand in the eyes of consumers. Regardless of what platform your customers are using they should be able to find, share and communicate with your business on any and all of them. Your business profile should look and feel the same across all platforms. Customers should be able to find and buy your products, see your specials and events and get links to your website across all platforms and most importantly they should be able to engage with your business and tell their friends about your business across all platforms. Creating well thought out social media marketing campaigns that generate real dollars and build ongoing relationships with your customers is another pillar of success that we pride ourselves as experts on. It starts will total brand saturation and completely designing each profile to match your brand and marketing campaigns. Each time you have a promotion, event, new product or service you want to push, we’ll create an optimized landing page with an integrated sales funnel and all of your qualifications. Then we’ll create the perfect social media marketing campaign to get the word out to as many relevant people as possible and make sure the campaign assets are created in a way that matches your business brand and marketing campaigns as well as feeling native to each social media platform. This level of social media marketing is what you see with national brands and top influencers, we make it possible for your business to have the same, if not better, digital brand identity and cohesive marketing message and campaign execution.

  • Branded social media profiles
  • Total social platform saturation
  • Complete social media marketing campaigns
  • Enterprise level cohesive brand messaging
  • Absolute digital brand awareness and control
  • Current information
  • Communication and engagement
  • Shareability

Analytics / Reporting

Success Factors

Analytics are important to the services we provide for your business. It tells us how well we’re improving the website over time. It tells us which pages are performing and which aren’t, how users are engaging with the website, how long users are staying on the website, how many users leave without contacting and why. We’ll send you a recurring report on what users are doing on your website and how effectively we are progressing.

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of conversions
  • Percentage of goal completions
  • Percentage of bounces
  • Number of pages/visit
  • Time spent on site

Email Marketing

Success Factors

We’ve built a subscription funnel into our platform that acts as a CRM for your business keeping you in touch with your customer base with quality well-written email campaigns that drive repeat business, build your reputation by asking for reviews across multiple platforms and reach out to people who might not have heard of your business that have expressed a need for the products and/or services that you provide. We don’t spam, we design quality emails with well thought out campaigns and strategic goals that drive business, maintain active relationships with your customer base, nurture them and build new fruitful relationships.

  • Email relevancy
  • Subject line appeals to the audience
  • Preview text attracts opens
  • Email design and layout matches brand
  • Content value proposition and call to action generate clicks
  • Landing page generates leads
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