Social Media Optimization With Drupal

Crowdfire is a new and exciting service I haven’t looked into yet. From the ads I’ve seen it focuses on Twitter and Instagram marketing. You should look into for me and write me a nice guest post about it ;).Start A Fire is another perplexing new sharing tool that lets you add your link(s) through a chrome extension, other users with the chrome extension will see your links and supposedly click on them? I doubt it but I smeared some links all over the web before I ditched the extenstion, naturally. What you want is a system that’s going to share what you post when you publish it and an app that’s going to schedule that action for the best times to post for your audience and a service that’s going to syndicate that action to all your social sharing places and spaces.

The ideal setup is this: A Drupal site with a badass SEO/Digital Marketing profile and one rules module rule, “new article published send a request to IFTTT MakerApp”, and on IFTTT some recipes/applets (ew), “MakerApp > Buffer Google+”, “new post on Google+ > photo post” on your connected everywhere already, I hope so there goes a Tweet, a Facebook link share, a LinkedIn link share, maybe some others, over to twitter to make sure everything works right connect your Facebook account (Twitter > Login > Settings > Apps > Facebook) now, over to choose your Facebook page and connect it to your Twitter account (bullet proofed crossposting is now enabled between this two) back to IFTTT, “new Google+ > Facebook Page link post”, BOOM got Facebook and Twitter shared, again on IFTTT: “new photo post > Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium”, look ma no hands! Repeat those IFTTT recipes using “new Facebook page post”. Back to Drupal (Structure > Views > Add New View > Content, of type Article – no page, no block, yes rss feed > Save and edit > url blog/feed) and finally on MailChimp “new RSS campaign > Thursday at 3pm” If you’ve already got all of your social medias, IFTTT, buffer and micro-blogging profiles setup, what I just described could be accomplished in 10 minutes. You will have successfully shared your new blog post on Google+,, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium and emailed to everyone of your MailChimp subscribers in the list you built with SumoMe’s ListBuilder 3 app (pro version). If you have to create all of the aforementioned accounts while you followed the most valuable social media marketing automation tutorial ever written in one run-on sentence, then it probably took you ~3 hours to setup, if your a sloth/box turtle mutant cross breed marketing while bathing in a pool of black cherry flavored molasses!

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