The Power of Local SEO Part 1 (Titles & Keywords)

For any small business, “Local SEO” and a great online presence is a must if they are to survive the brutal rankings of Google. There are small business owners out there just like you that also want to own the top spot of the Google charts. Why you ask? Because everyone and anyone will likely click a page on the first page of that Google search result.This is why being at the top of your SEO game is so very valuable.There are many steps that you can take to ensure that your website is packed full of SEO goodies and I’m fixing to share a few with you!

Unlocking the Door With Keywords

Keywords are the #1 tool that can and should be used to ensure you are on your way to the top of the Google searches. Let me put this in to an example that will be much easier to describe. Say we have a lawn service company named “That Lawn Service Dude” that wants to target a specific area, lets say New York City, keywords that are going to help would be “lawn service”, “lawn maintenance”, “landscaping” ect. also the keyword “New York City”. So what do you do with these keywords you ask? Simply you use them in the copy that you create for each page on your website. However, beware that you do not use your keywords in a non legable way. A bad example of keyword placement would be something like this. “We do lawn service and the lawn service we provide will be the best lawn service you have ever had.”

Judging a Website By It’s “Title”

Title tags are essentially that string of text that is used on search results above the description of the website. As you can see from the picture below “Asheville Web Design & SEO by White Fox Studios” is the title of our own website. You can tell a lot just by reading that simple title. It is self explainatory and the user knows if that is what they were looking for. Another thing you can tell is that we have our “keywords” in our title, another very important rule of hand.

The Power of Local SEO Part 1 (Titles & Keywords) Local SEO title tags White Fox Studios

Stay tuned for next week while we go into details about about using the meta descriptions and the important of link building.

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