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Effective Yet Simple Marketing Tips

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Making a name for yourself in the realm of digital marketing can be a substantial task, especially when you feel out of the loop with some of the more technical tasks we cover below. A lot of the key ingredients to a successful marketing campaign can be broken down into smaller, more easily digestible pieces, allowing you to learn at your own pace and work toward growing your business.

Focus On Content

Populate your website with new content regularly; blog posts are an effective way to get large amounts of client-centric content on your website. The additional value of blog posts is that you can pack them full of important keywords that give search engines clues about the kind of content you post. Having a few blogs about “how to make ice cream” will cause you to show up more frequently for ice cream related google searches. You can also fill them with internal links, leading to other pages of your website; the longer people are spending on your website, the more likely you are to see leads. Ultimately, the rule for adding content for your website is “the more, the better”. 

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Amplify your content’s reach by sharing it on social media – Websites like later.com can help you schedule your posts ahead of time, offering a hands-off approach for those with a disinterest in social media, or a very busy schedule.. We’ve compiled a list here of resources you can peruse to remove yourself from making daily status updates. This keeps your account looking active, and lets you focus on the un-automatable things.

Prioritize Technical SEO

To build an effective SEO strategy, it’s important to prioritize the technical aspects of your website.  To do this, you should focus on the backend of the website rather than the content. Alt and Title text are a great place to start with this! Alt text is the important text of the images on your website; it is understandable by Google, as well as other search engines. It  is also read to blind people, or shown in place of a blocked image. On WordPress, you can go through image by image, adding descriptive language and keywords to the alt text field. Title text is the text of images which a user sees after hovering over the image. This attribute is not quite as important as alt text, but ensuring each image has title text can still offer some SEO benefits.

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Using incorrect or no alt text can heavily decrease your chances of showing up in image SERP (Google’s visualization of search results) – basically, this means that the key to implementing good, solid alt tags is to balance an accurate description of the image with some of your focus keywords – not too many though, or you may face issues for “keyword stuffing”.

Internal links are links that point from one page to another, all within your own site; they help Google understand your site’s structure, on top of improving the user experience. Website visitors can easily navigate between pages / topics, and you’re keeping people there longer, which increases your odds of capturing a lead. It’s a win win!

Check out this link to the assessment we perform for potential clients! It walks through potential issues, and gives a frame of reference for what baseline performance should look like for you.

Value the User Experience

The easiest, highest impact method to improve your user experience is including interesting and engaging visuals throughout your pages. Videos of client testimonials, an infographic breaking down the ideas being explained in your copy… basically you never want your site to become a wall of text because no one will be interested in reading it. Keep in mind, you’ll also want to properly compress any multimedia files that you’re uploading to avoid long page load times.

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The second part of valuing the user experience is simplifying navigation as much as possible. A clear, easy-to-read navigation menu goes a long way toward retaining visitors – if someone can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, they’re just going to go look for it somewhere else. It can be easy to get caught up in flashy design, or creative formatting. While these things are encouraged in moderation (if they fit your brand), you don’t want to sacrifice usability for aesthetic.

Scope Out Your Competition

The first step to beating out your competitors is understanding what works for them! Websites such as SpyFu can give you an insight into what your competition is spending on ads, how many keywords they’re using, etc. Competitor research can be as simple as visiting a competing website and making notes about the design and layout; if you’re looking for more than just visual differences, our assessment can be a good tool to collect hard data that you can compare to your own numbers.


Facebook is also completely transparent about what pages are spending per month on ads – this can be accessed under “Page Transparency” within the left side bar. If you’re noticing that a lot of other businesses within your industry are spending money on facebook ads, it may be a sign that you should be factoring that into your budget as well.



There is no singular answer to what a perfect marketing campaign looks like – the variables are slightly different for everyone, depending on your goals, resources, and available time. This guide was created in the hopes of serving as a skeleton that you can add your own parts to as you learn what works for you. Some of the resources listed throughout this article are timeless and can be used no matter what stage you’re at – it’s always helpful to perform the occasional assessment of your competitors to ensure you’re staying on top. When all else fails, give us a call! This industry is our passion, and helping your business succeed is our cause.

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