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Case Study: Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop

Traffic Study

The growth of traffic for Clean Sweep is what we expect to see on the “White Fox Sweep Plan” over the course of time. The growth doesn’t happen overnight, but being consistent with SEO techniques, monitoring data and making changes to your website frequently bring this kind of success.

We began working on Clean Sweep’s website Spring of 2013.

October 2012 (Old Website)

Visits: 342

Visitors: 291

October 2013

Visits: 874

Visitors: 687

October 2014

Visits: 1,122

Visitors: 925

Lead Study

Below is the amount of messages Clean Sweep received for the month of October, each year to present.

October 2012 (Old Website)

Website Messages: 12

October 2013

Website Messages: 29

 October 2014

Website Messages: 41

Why The Success?

White Fox designed a new website and software for sweeps to adapt to the ever-changing market, and to make it easier for customers to book a sweep.

Our sweep plan offers:

  • A “Book in 60 Seconds” Option

    • Customers can use a “Credit Card” or “Pay by Check” to pay.
    • Credit card is not charged until sweep is completed.
    • Allows the customer to provide address, and best times to come.
    • “Pay by Check” alerts customers to provide payment upon completion of work.
    • Offers an extremely enticing and easy way to book an appointment, eliminating conversation time on the phone, allowing your company to be more efficient.
  • Responsive Design

    • Adapts to all screen sizes. Plan also includes website hosting and domain fees.
    • 30-50% of visitors view service websites on smart phones now.
    • Google judges how “responsive” your website is, through their newest algorithm.
  • Monthly SEO Promotion

    • Allows us plenty of time (4 hours per month) to make your website rank well, and provide a nice return for your business.
    • Quality link building. One quality link is better than 20 directory links. Google is penalizing websites that have spammy directory links. White Fox has never, and never will provide any spammy links for short-term gain. All of our campaigns are focused on long-term “White Hat” techniques.
  • Changes

    • We work for 1 hour per month making metric changes.
    • We look at the analytics each month and let the data tell us what we need to change. If you see your website not changing, then someone’s hasn’t been doing their job.
    • We make subtle changes each month based on things like average time spent on page, bounce rate, click through rate and other similar metrics. If a user on average spends 8 seconds on your contact page, and the bounce rate is high, it is up to us to make the user stay longer and submit a message.
  • Copy & Blogs

    • We write 2 interesting, original blogs per month, and promote it.
    • You have the option to write your own copy, or we can have your copy professionally written. Well written copy is hard to come by, which is why we put a lot of energy toward that.
    • Blogging is not the most vital aspect of SEO like many believe, but it is an important factor. Quality content is hard to come by and when it does, people will read it.

The plan has no upfront fees, and costs $400/mo with no long term contracts.

We designed this plan and software directly for chimney sweeps with no one else in mind, and the software will continue to improve with new features each update.

If you want to try us out, call our main office at (828) 246-9552 or email us at

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