Social media sucks

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Yes, social media sucks, especially for small businesses that don’t have the capital or the time to throw at it. Unfortunately, you have to tend to it like a garden full of weeds, nip it in the but and at least keep it tidy. Neglect it and it could run

Social Media Optimization With Drupal

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Crowdfire is a new and exciting service I haven’t looked into yet. From the ads I’ve seen it focuses on Twitter and Instagram marketing. You should look into for me and write me a nice guest post about it ;).Start A Fire is another perplexing new sharing tool that lets you add your link(s) through […]

5 Takeaways from Internet Summit 2015

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Internet Summit 2015 Internet Summit 2015 is a widely known conference for internet professionals – about 2,500 in attendance this year in Raleigh, NC. The most successful leaders in the industry were the attending speakers and it was a big hit.  Key Internet Marketing Takeaways 1. Content is King Content is still important, and may […]

Using Facebook’s Reaction Buttons to Expand Your Social Media Reach

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Facebook users are now allowed to express emotions beyond ‘like’. After months of testing in Ireland and Spain, Facebook has officially released their ‘reaction buttons’ worldwide. Besides ‘like’, you can also express love, laughter, joy, shock, sadness, and anger. It may be a few days before the iOS and Android apps catch up, but it’s […]

5 Myths about Online Marketing

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Below are 5 myths I hear on a regular basis from businesses. All Websites are Created Equal Not all websites are created equal and your goal should be to have good/safe hosting, good code, good optimization and a design that meets the needs of your target audiences.   It is never good to rush into […]


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Not only is Google+ not deserted, it might be a better platform for business than Facebook and Twitter. Here’s why.   Every social media-savvy tech entrepreneur with any digital credibility is on Twitter. But according to tech pundit Robert Scoble, maybe you need not be: Twitter is fast approaching the status of ghost town. You should really […]

What is SEO?

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SEO What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process promoting a website, with the result being higher rank and more traffic from the search engines. The methods we use are “white hat SEO” tactics, that keep our customers from every being penalized from an algorithm update. We have been promoting local […]

Chimney Sweep Internet Marketing

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Case Study: Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop Traffic Study The growth of traffic for Clean Sweep is what we expect to see on the “White Fox Sweep Plan” over the course of time. The growth doesn’t happen overnight, but being consistent with SEO techniques, monitoring data and making changes to your website frequently bring this […]


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Email can be boring or annoying, and it certainly is not the new kid on the block. But as a consistent revenue driver with an unmatched ROI, it can be a boon to businesses new and old. shutterstock href=””>shutterstock images “> Email marketing to your company’s customer list is one of the most overlooked avenues […]


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Stuck in a rut? Josh Linkner shared a few ways entrepreneurs can boost their teams’ creativity, and use big ideas to beat out big competition.   “Stop competing on price and start competing on imagination,” Josh Linkner told attendees at the Inc.Leadership conference in Miami on June 8. Linkner, who founded online promotions company ePrize and is […]